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11"聖木與加州白鼠尾草傳統手工香枝 Artisan Palo Santo and White Sage Incense Sticks

11"聖木與加州白鼠尾草傳統手工香枝 Artisan Palo Santo and White Sage Incense Sticks




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Now the fragrant scent of North American White Sage,Salvia apiana, is blended with South American Palo Santo Bursera graveolens, in the form of incense sticks. Each stick is made by grinding the finest herb sage and palo santo wood into a powder and then dipping the sticks in resin and rolling the ground herb onto the stick, drying and packaging them. A long burning incense. Made in USA. 6 sticks per pack.


Collected from the prairies and hills of the California, this sage is prized by the Plains Indians. Sometimes this is called white sage, other times gray sage. The common name is Cudweed Sagewort. The leaf is medium sized, somewhere between the narrow leaf of the desert sage and the broad leaf of the California white sage. The Cheyenne are said to call this man sage and it is extensively used by the Plains peoples in ceremonies. Its medicinal qualities are said to be good for treating headaches, coughs, stomach disorders, and more. Additionally, because of its pleasant scent, it has been used to deodorize feet, made into pillows, and burned to drive away mosquitoes.

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