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伊西斯靈擺 Isis Pendulum from Shamans Market

伊西斯靈擺 Isis Pendulum from Shamans Market





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A dowsing metal pendulum named after the Egyptian goddess, Isis, and made of a trustworthy metal. It acts as a good conductor of your subtle energy. Choose between silver plated, gold plated, or copper plated.


Pendulum measures 8.75 inches long on chain. Pendulum measures 1.75 inches. Decorative metal bead at one end. Comes with its own drawstring pouch. Made in India.



Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger with your elbow slightly bent at your side. Use the hand that feels most comfortable for you. RELAX! It is important to let the natural vibrations of your own body move the pendulum.

The pendulum works like muscle testing or kinesiology : your sub-conscious knows what you need to know. The pendulum will show you the answer by picking up and amplifying the subtle vibrations from your subconscious, causing the pendulum to swing.

Ask yes and no questions and the answer will come from the pendulum swinging in certain directions programmed by its user.

A pendulum is an intuitive extension of your higher self.

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