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The twin flame connection will cure your co-dependence – if you let it. It will actually pretty much cure everything. It’s like the ultimate soul medicine.


So much of it to us, in navigating the twin flame journey, is allowing that process to happen and not getting in the way. Getting out of the way of what this connection is trying to do for us.


It’s trying to heal you. It’s trying to bring you closer to God. It’s trying to upgrade you in every way possible. It’s trying to get you on your mission and in your life purpose. It’s trying to bring you joy and happiness.


But so many of us don’t know how to work with the energies. If you let the process work, if you get out of the way of it, miracles happen. We’ll say it again: miracles happen when you get out of the way of what the twin flame energies are doing.


It’s like God on steroids — there is nothing better and yet so many people miss the show.


We have too — we’ve absolutely missed the show at times. By focusing on what we don’t have, what we’re not getting, what’s wrong. What your twin flame is not doing, what they’re not saying, how it’s not turning into a marriage right now…


Forget all that for now — really. If you want that, you’ve gotta do this first.


So, how do you “get out of the way” of your twin flame union and let it work its magic and miracles for you?


The first key is “trust” and you can’t skip this step — to trust and to know that this process is being orchestrated for you. Your job is to go where it wants you to go, and trust that it is taking you right into heaven on earth, because it is (if you let it).  Too many of us are being “dragged kicking and screaming into heaven” because we haven’t been taught some essential things.


Twin flame union and ascension go in an ascending spiral — you are always going up but the spiral needs to take you down in regular waves as part of the process.  The “downs” look like deep feelings, triggers, 3D challenges and difficulties, with our twin flame and in life in general.


I (Jill) trained as a rites of passage/ initiation guide many years ago, and this training gave me an invaluable gift in this twin flame journey.  I was taught the cycles of growth — how death is necessary for rebirth and goes so much easier if we embrace it, say yes to it, know how to lean into it rather than push it away.

許多年前,我(Jill) 是成人禮/啟動儀式的導師。這些訓練給予我在火焰路上無價的禮物。我了解到成長週期:死亡如何成為重生之必要,而當我們能夠擁抱它的時候,它將變得容易得多。向它臣服,嘗試俯身了解而不是將其推走。

I deeply knew and trusted, by the time I met Remi, that things are always going “up” — but to get “up” we have to say yes to “down.”  There is an ever-ascending spiral and we are on it.


We need to know how to surf these waves and say yes to the ebb and flow of this process.  As we handle these things, we go up higher than we could have before.


We have too many examples to count at this point of the way things have happened to challenge us, then turned out to be the very medicine we needed to get us where we wanted and needed to go.  It’s not very smart to get mad at the Universe for orchestrating things on our behalf.  Yet we do.  Or at least we used to, haha.


We do know better now and usually get ourselves out of that mindset very quickly.  To us now, the question is “what is Spirit doing with us?” Sometimes we get answers, sometimes we don’t — we need to just live it and trust that the “answers” will come.  Sometimes it isn’t an answer at all — it’s an experience, that we may never fully understand.  But we will feel the results, and they will take us to the next level, every time.  Every time.  And this is true for you, too.


So many times we misunderstand the blessings being orchestrated on our behalf because they look (and sometimes feel) so bad.  But this is only on the surface.  Under the surface, in the deep workings of things, there is infinite beauty, magic and grace, and if we could understand this, suffering would be over.


Notice we said “suffering” — not “pain.”  Pain is part of life, but suffering is not caused by pain.  It is caused by resistance to flow — trying to make something go away, or trying to make something stay that wants to move — and by misunderstanding what is happening and as a result, believing the (usually negative) stories we tell ourselves.


Feel the feeling, drop the story.


Any feeling, fully felt, will move — that’s what feelings do when we get out of the way — and will eventually turn into peace, relief, and even bliss.  Don’t believe us — try it for yourself.  The next time you have a feeling, instead of going into a story about it, just breathe and feel.  Let it move.  If you start to go into your head and tell yourself a story, breathe again and dive into the feeling.  Watch what happens.


As a teacher of mine says: when you fear no feeling, you are free.  Truth.


When you know how to fully feel, and get out of your head and telling yourself scary and unkind stories about yourself, your twin, the Universe, God and life — you can ride the waves of ascension, right into mastery.


Think of a bird, riding the thermals upward — that’s the feeling you’re going for.


When you hit a challenge, the sooner you can accept that it’s something being orchestrated for you to make you stronger, to transform you, to help you become more powerful and more loving — the sooner you can ascend.  Feel the feeling, drop the story, go with guidance.  Ask “what is Spirit bringing me now?” and “What is being asked of me?”


Let’s all give ourselves a break right now for all of the years we’ve been getting in our own way — riding the waves of ascension is not exactly a life skill we’re taught in school (or in most families).  In fact, it’s the opposite — we’re taught the illusion of control and linear “reality” when really nothing could be further from the truth.


There are more skills needed here for sure — we need to know when there are outside energies or forces that need to be transformed.  We need to know when physical action is required (and then take it!) and to know when we’re guided to just feel and be (and then just feel and be).


We need to know when to stop doing something, leave a job or relationship that no longer serves us, give up some comfort or security for the sake of something greater.  We need to learn “when the horse dies — get off.”  No matter how scary or impossible that may feel.


We need to grow and mature in our understanding of what is really going on and what others are up to — not just look at the surface of things and base our lives on shallow understanding (misunderstanding).  We need to become masters of compassion and power, the masculine and feminine energies.  We need to create and live a sacred dance of union within.


How could we ever be bored on this journey?  Once you have a deeper understanding of what is going on, judgment will end.  You will still have discernment as this is necessary, but there will be no more judgment of anything — yourself, your twin flame, what is happening.  You will develop an awakened curiosity at each new thing life throws at you — “hmm, what is Spirit up to now?”  And when you get it, ahhh….you will only want to say “yes.”  And then watch the magic and miracles unfold, as they want to, as they are meant to.  And then you won’t want to be anywhere else, but on this journey, right now.



We are Jill Miller and Remi Thivierge, healers, intuitive guides and twin flames who began our union journey this lifetime in 2011, married in 2016, and are joined in union and mission in service to twin flames and other advanced souls worldwide.

我們是Jill Miller 和Remi Thivierge,療癒師、直覺嚮導以及雙生火焰。我們從2011年走向整合之路,2016年結婚,以一齊服務世界上其他雙生火焰和老靈魂為使命。

*原文版權歸於© Twin Flame Healers

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