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On with the journey!


How do you feel when we say this: the primary mission of every twin flame and lightworker is to awaken to your own divinity and live as your divine self doing your unique sacred purpose on Earth.


And then what does your mind tell you? Are there any “yeah-buts” or “well I can’t because…?” Yeah, fine but I’m too (tired, wounded, old, sick, my twin flame won’t come forward, everyone will hate me or think I’m crazy…)


Did you know: there is nothing more powerful outside of you than what is inside of you? There is nothing “out there” that can stop you from being the divine being you are, from finding out and doing your sacred life purpose, from manifesting higher and deeper levels of union.


No matter what, you can awaken to your own divinity and still do your mission. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, if you live in deepest Peru, if you had a terrible childhood, if you got kicked out of the tribe for being a weirdo in a past life or this one, if your husband/wife disapproves — you can still find a way to awaken to your own divinity and do your mission.


There are no circumstances, and we mean none, that can prevent you from doing this.


We know this, because we look into the Akashic records of you wonderful souls every day. We see you as the infinite, powerful, and gifted being you are.

So much of not being in mission and in union is not claiming who we truly are.

There is nothing sadder to us than a world full of infinite powerful beings playing small and being in despair.


And there is nothing more inspiring to us than imagining a world where all twin flames and lightworkers are awakening to their divine selves and living their mission.

Imagine at the end of your life, being able to look back and say: “I did it!  It wasn’t perfect, sometimes it wasn’t even great, I fell down a thousand times, but I kept saying yes, I kept getting up, I kept going for it, I kept persisting.”


Your YES fueled by the energy of your limitless infinite being is far more powerful than the voices and forces outside of you that say no.


God/the Universe/The Divine will make a way. Always. Your job is not the “how” — it’s the YES, and then the persistence to keep going when the “no’s” try to stop you.  The miracles unfold from there.


All our love,

Jill & Remi


We are Jill Miller and Remi Thivierge, healers, intuitive guides and twin flames who began our union journey this lifetime in 2011, married in 2016, and are joined in union and mission in service to twin flames and other advanced souls worldwide.

我們是Jill Miller 和Remi Thivierge,療癒師、直覺嚮導以及雙生火焰。我們從2011年走向整合之路,2016年結婚,以一齊服務世界上其他雙生火焰和老靈魂為使命。

*原文版權歸於 © Twin Flame Healers

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